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The Golden Ratio
Keith Flynn

ISBN: 978-0-916078-94-2 Hardcover $26.00

ISBN: 978-0-916078-95-9 Paperback $16.00


Keith Flynn’s fourth and most innovative collection of poems to date, The Golden Ratio, is filled with themes of music and balance, creating a literary world in opposition to our discordant contemporary times, where the human population is at odds with one another and the Natural World, out of sync and unfocused, spiritually and physically adrift. The book’s six sections deal separately with the state of our government, our art forms, and our relationship and responsibility to the society that surrounds us. This book is a tour de force by one of our most distinctive poetic voices, seeking to redefine what it means to be human and creative in the face of overwhelming opposition.



In this new book, The Golden Ratio, Keith Flynn has achieved wonderful new heights, not only with language and the American vernacular, but with an immense historical sense and passionate individualism. The poems in this rich new collection zing with tremendous resonance… I’m elated to be able to acclaim Flynn’s poetry and voice as being absolutely necessary in this country’s vast and diverse poetic landscape. This is certainly a must-own, must-read volume of poetry by one of our very best contemporary poets!

—Virgil Suarez, 90 Miles: Selected & New Poems


Keith Flynn is a titanic poet whose vigor draws us into the illuminating questions of the soul and its elusive, various lights. These are wildly inventive poems to be shared and savored aloud. I found myself dancing around the house with Flynn’s words vibrating in both ears. Here is a poet who lives by the word, whose warm springs overflow with energy and brio, whose poems ring equally with all the beauty and peril of life.

—Menna Elfyn, Cell Angel and Blind Man's Kiss


Keith Flynn’s magnificent The Golden Ratio is a brilliant collection in which, over and over, Apollonian and Dionysian elements conjoin then fly ecstatically apart, like a troupe of Chinese acrobats. Try a poem or two; you’ll likely want to own the book. Read the entire “Chang and Eng” suite and you just may find this book has taken possession of you. For Flynn is a bard, the real thing, an artesian singer-sayer, tough as a harp, tender as a jailhouse file. He cunningly smuggles intellect and learning into topics so engaged that “flying barefoot through the lion’s gate,” you might even imagine you are being dazzled not by the poet, but by the world itself.

—William Pitt Root, White Boots: New and Collected Poems of the West



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